If there’s one thing we all know for sure in Reality Television—it’s that if you don’t have a great cast—you don’t have a show. Period.

No matter what great concept, idea or vision you want to sell—without a great cast—you’ve got nothing.

Casting is the key ingredient to successfully selling programing. Often times, if you have great people to start with, the show can create itself. Bold, dynamic, charismatic, and just plain fascinating people, sadly, don’t usually come knocking on your production door. But lucky for you—we go knocking on theirs.

Let Reality Road’s experienced, qualified and proven successful casting team find you the best people for your projects. We love this stuff—and we’re really good at it

Matt Antrim and Teri Rogers are the principles and founders of Reality Road, LLC, a newly formed reality focused production company. Together, they bring over 30 years of experience and have formed an all-inclusive powerhouse for reality based television that includes talent, casting, and show concept development, along with production, editorial and design expertise.

Reality Road’s unique approach to success is a master blend of outstanding, creative casting—and experienced, quality production.

Contact Information

The Team


Matt Antrim

After 14 years in Los Angeles as a Casting Director and producer of Reality Television, Matt came to Kansas City to start Reality Road, LLC, with Hint owner and CEO, Teri Rogers. Since 2011, Matt has been developing, casting and creating new original program ideas and concepts. Matt has been the Casting Department Head for “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader,” “Don’t Forget the Lyrics,” “Joe Millionaire,” “Average Joe,” “It’s Me or the Dog,” “The Ex-Wives Club,” “Thintervention,” “Talk Soup,” and also worked on “Survivor.” Matt’s shows have aired on FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, TLC, BRAVO, E!, The HUB, and Animal Planet. Matt has extensive experience in Talent Development and Show Concept Development as well production and editorial. He holds a bachelors degree in Film and Television from Columbia College in Chicago and a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

Teri Rogers

After graduation from the University of Kansas with a degree in English Literature and Journalism, Teri started her first company specializing in writing and producing health care focused programming. She later took an Executive Producer position at a commercial production studio in Minneapolis – followed by heading up a video production department for a Fortune 500 Company. She grew that department into a profit center and ultimately purchased the division and started Hint (formerly T2 Studios) in 1998. Hint is the parent company to Reality Road, LLC, and specializes in content development for all media platforms and includes production and post-production services as well as motion design and animation. Hint’s work spans the gamut from commercials to brand positioning and interactive web-based products to entertainment properties. Visit www.hint.is for more information.

Kris Mercer

Since her graduation from Brooks Institute with a degree in film and video production, Kris Mercer started her career as an intern with two Academy Award winning production companies, Scott Rudin Productions and Rob Fried's Spirit Clips. Kris Mercer recently worked as the Development Coordinator at Los Angeles-based Thinkfactory Media. During her time with Thinkfactory, she was an active part of the team that produced the Emmy Award-winning miniseries  History's Hatfields and McCoys, as well as being a part of the development and casting teams behind highly acclaimed Unscripted TV series such as History's Mounted in Alaska, A&E's Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, WeTVs Sinbad: It's Just Family and Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas, TV One's R&B Divas:Atlanta, and Lifetime's Preachers' Daughters. Kris specializes in creating pitch materials, editing sizzle reels, and developing new reality concepts based on outstanding talent and casting.

Casting Credits

Atlanta Plastic Season 2 LIFETIME
My Transgender Life TLC
New Girls on the Block Discovery Life
Bar Rescue SPIKE
Let’s Ask America Syndicated
Friday Night Tykes Esquire
Dr. Natasha Project LIFETIME
Ask Oprah’s Experts OWN
Family Game Night The HUB
Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader FOX / Syndicated
The Greatest Show in the Universe SPIKE
It’s Me Or The Dog Animal Planet
Don’t Forget the Lyric’s FOX
Identity NBC
America's Got Talent NBC
Set for Life w/ Jimmy Kimmel ABC
The Ex-Wives Club ABC
Average Joe NBC
Joe Millionaire FOX
Survivor CBS